Monday, April 29, 2013


I made a third risograph print for the Topo Copy people from Gent for the opening group exhibition RISOGRAFIA #2 at DOK. An amazing place in the docklands of Gent for concerts, art events, lectures, workshops, parties,..

other artists : Liesbeth Feys, JesseRobot, Jos Verwer, Ephameron, Ward Zwart, Eva Mundorff, Sarah Yu zeebroek, PiracyLeague, Jan Van der Veeken, Mayken Craenen, Liesbeth De Stercke, El Neoray, Charlotte Dumortier (Pixelpanda), Stanislas Lahaut, Byram, Eva Mouton, Hank Quinlan, Mazu Prozak , Simon Laureyns, Emmeline Geiregat, Topo, Jens Wijnendaele, Pointdextr, Bue & Resto. 

Limited to only 50 signed copies. Mail if interested.

Saturday, April 27, 2013


I made a truckload of editorial illustrations and animated promo for local newspaper Gazet Van Antwerpen's special about the struggles of young muslims in Antwerp "Tussen Meir & Mekka" ("Between the main shopping street of Antwerp and Mecca"). Here's the animation and below a selected compilation.

Tussen Meir en Mekka from Gazet van Antwerpen on Vimeo.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


The enthusiast folks of Ladda from Ghent asked me again to contribute in a cool group show at Fort Napoleon (an actual remaining fort of Napoleon) at the seaside of Belgium. 7 artists had to make a large pin board installation with doodles, sketches, ideas, inspiration, etc to visualize who they are. In times of digital pin boards like Pinterest or Facebook this is a nice reminder how fun a real pin board can be.

Fort Napoleon

Other contributors: Adriaan Verwée, Byram (Bxll), Ben Benaouisse, Cox & Grusenmeyer, Inne Eysermans (Amatorski) and Topo.

/ MY INSTALLATION / - pictures by Jonas Nachtergaele


I got to know the fantastic dark freaky Japanese underground band Degurutieni from 
Osaka, that opened the exhibition and did some live sketching.