Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lambermontmartre Part II

More info and work in the previous post.
acrylic paint and pen on cardboard.

Lambermontmartre Art Market

What an awesome weekend ! I showed a lot of work at an art market called "Lambermontmartre". Thanks to everyone : Julian, Elio, friends, new interesting people I met, people who supported me. Thank you ! It means a lot ! Cosy neighbourhood, Old French music and 20's swing jazz à la Django Reinhardt, the weather was nice, it was perfect. It was better than everything I would've expected. The day before the market I realized I didn't have anything to show so I began to draw, paint and create like a madman. I didn't sleep that night, but it was highly creative and productive.
I will post the results of that nightly session here

All of the drawings have been drawn on cardboard, painted on with acrylic paint. I'll tell you some more about the cardboard. At monday nights, when regular people are asleep, students getting drunk or other still at work, I roam fancy clothing store-streets like a bum for decent cardboard. Not to sleep on or in, but to draw on :). I call them my cardboard-nights. So if you see some weirdo on a bike in antwerp, loaded with cardboard on monday nights, that's me.

anyways, here's the featured work. mail me if you're interested. mail me to make something for you. a real Jangojim-artwork at your place ? It's very possible :).

# small cardboards, postcard size, originals, pen and acrylic paint(optionally deliberate tipp-ex) #

Monday, September 22, 2008

Yeehaa ! 2008 Winner of the Mekanik Strip Contest !

My 2 drawings on canvas (featured 2 posts below, "25") for the "What's Your Excuse"-contest by Mekanik Strip in Antwerp were selected as part of the 7 winners of 2008 whose work will get published and will travel around in an exhibition !!

Thank you so much everyone for supporting me, feedback and ideas, coming by to say hi, all the nice comments .. that's priceless to me.

Apparently I will also appear in the next issue of the Antwerp Magazine "Zone 03", for which I'm doing an interview tomorrow.

May the ancient gods donate cookies to y'all !

eye-candy-artwork for the contest by the great Brecht Evens !

Jangojim Station - Time Management

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Last minute work for a contest by Mekanik Strip, Antwerp. Still a lot of work, a lot of stress, hope I'll make it, cuz' I think it's gonna be something nice. Send me some good vibes so I can finish it :)
*UPDATE* Final piece, part II.
The two pieces are finally finished !! applause for myself and the people who supported me.
It was hard, but it was worth it, although I prefer deadlines to be stay away some more.
And to think I still have to send it in for the contest..crazy.

smashing day to you all !

-------- details of part II ----------

--------- Final piece, part I ---------

----------- details of part I -----------

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Jangojim's Weird Music Archives #1
Billy May & His Orchestra perform a great version of "Baby Elephant Walk". An extremely fun, cartoonish happy instrumental piece that never fails to put a smile on my face. I wanna hug a muppet. Yep, I love it that bad :)