Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lambermontmartre Art Market

What an awesome weekend ! I showed a lot of work at an art market called "Lambermontmartre". Thanks to everyone : Julian, Elio, friends, new interesting people I met, people who supported me. Thank you ! It means a lot ! Cosy neighbourhood, Old French music and 20's swing jazz à la Django Reinhardt, the weather was nice, it was perfect. It was better than everything I would've expected. The day before the market I realized I didn't have anything to show so I began to draw, paint and create like a madman. I didn't sleep that night, but it was highly creative and productive.
I will post the results of that nightly session here

All of the drawings have been drawn on cardboard, painted on with acrylic paint. I'll tell you some more about the cardboard. At monday nights, when regular people are asleep, students getting drunk or other still at work, I roam fancy clothing store-streets like a bum for decent cardboard. Not to sleep on or in, but to draw on :). I call them my cardboard-nights. So if you see some weirdo on a bike in antwerp, loaded with cardboard on monday nights, that's me.

anyways, here's the featured work. mail me if you're interested. mail me to make something for you. a real Jangojim-artwork at your place ? It's very possible :).

# small cardboards, postcard size, originals, pen and acrylic paint(optionally deliberate tipp-ex) #


  1. Did you sell 'Superpower'? I thought it was still available when I left (15 minutes before the Lambermont market closed).
    Anyway, congratulations on your big successes!

    And thanks for not mentioning Laura, Elio or me in your article :)

  2. It was already sold, but was still there "voor het schoon zicht". Thanks so much for the compliments !
    Ik zeg toch dank aan iedereen, friends include you guys :)! maar kzal jullie zeker vermelden zenne :)