Saturday, July 28, 2007

International Jangojim

I recently noticed many international visitors pay my blog a visit. I mean, the Bahamas, Equador, Japan, Russia,... Perhaps by accident, but I'd really like to know where all these people come from and how they got here on my little bloggie. I'm dead curious. It's pretty amazing to see this cultural mix stumble upon my stuff. So, don't hesitate, drop me a note in the comments here or send me a mail. Have a smashing day of course. gadzooks !


  1. i'm from belgium. and yup, i'm stupid :)

  2. cause you knew that. wow, now you have TWO stupid posts. sorry to get your hopes up!

  3. I'm not the one to judge you're stupid or not. And it does make sense, isn't Belgium a country of international grandeur ? we have dana winner

    But on the other hand for raping my blog so cruelly :), I tracked you and the jangojim police are already hunting you down.

    just so you know we're the good guys. But no good cop bad cop here. We're badass. the punishment for commiting such villainous crimes is to be drawn on with non-erasable marker !

    be afraid of the squiggly lines

    oh, and have a nice day ;)

  4. oh god, no!!!!!!

    -- this user logged off and is now hiding in a cave somewhere in uzbekistan --