Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kunst Om 8

29th of October at night I'll be drawing live at the oldest library of Antwerp,"Erfgoedbibliotheek", together with Sam De Buysscher, Reinhart Croon & Conz.

Three artists that are all better than me. Gotta start somewhere and learn from the great :).

There will be music and other art as well. The theme of the evening is " music, movies, fashion & comics from the 1950's ".

Kunst om 8.


  1. graaf spul op je blog. Deze had ik nog niet gezien.

  2. thx, SRG ! dit is eigenlijk n oude tekening die ik nog ergens had liggen, maar nu ingekleurd. Tof om zo af en toe eens dingen te re-vampen