Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I did this drawing for the nice people at the Zuiderpershuis in Antwerp. Featured on their website here. It's my pimped version of a technical drawing of the old hydraulic system.
The building used to be an energy plant, but is nowadays a cultural center.

The original image was a complicated black and white technical drawing and the quest was to do an update, to make it more fun for kids to learn about the workings of the machine.

Black Staedtler pen 0.3, A4 paper size, colours in photoshop


  1. great fun info graphic man! baby blue & baby red are my favourite colors, I love how harmonious opposed they look together :). Cool info graphics are very rare, you should expand in that direction!

  2. indeed, it's actually an infographic ! I didn't think of that. I've always been a big fan of those and cross sections of machines/houses/..
    I'd like to expand in that direction, but with the purpose of illustrating and doing comic strips instead of just infographics.thx!

  3. I just searched after infographic on behance, it's incredible how wide that theme is. Your awesome maps are suit that as well, I think. I also like blueprints very much, you ever tried to draw on them? I haven't, hm but I should... ey, and of course never forget about illustrating and cartooning over it :]

  4. yeah, it's pretty diverse. Blueprints are cool too, never drew one or drew on them. it's an idea, maybe for animation ?

  5. that's a great idea! but animation stuff took ages if you don't work in a team, 1 min on screen = 3 months in lifetime :D. how do you follow the comments on blogger, is there an option to get a note when it gets a reply?

  6. well, there are options in animation to make it go faster: stop motion, drawing in flash, skipping frames, .. but it's time consuming indeed.

    I forgot where, but there is an option to get blogger replies in your email inbox, yes. very handy :)