Saturday, July 2, 2011


This is part of a new series: "WOODPEOPLE", for an upcoming solo show.

Little ode to the great Spielberg, the obvious emptiness of Hollywood and still awesome Jurassic Park. I bet Steven only drinks lemonade while playing with action figures in his office.


  1. Haha this chair is killing me. Great details but the whole picture looks rather empty compared to the other woodpeople illustrations. Plus the halftone borders suggest it's part of a longer strip. You should carry on and make a kickass strip with all the holeywoodian blockbusters'makers, it would be aaawesooome !

  2. hehe, thanks mister !! I tried to make it bigger, but still compositional. I don't mind the emptiness here, but I am working on some more complex and more filled pieces, don't worry.

    and a comic about these guys was always the idea, although they are very non-dynamic characters. but movie references certainly will appear more and more

    in short, more coming up :)