Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I'm in BERLIN from 27 Oct - 1 Nov ! Come see my works at The Browse Cartoon, Caricature and Comic Festival. Together with famous animators Paul Driessen ( Academy Award Nominated & worked on "Yellow Submarine" ), Raimund Krumme and Kris van Alphen ( Asterix, All Dogs go to Heaven, Lars the little Polar Bear ) Opening night 29 Oct. from 3 PM. Address update : Bergmanstrasse 5-7 between Kaiser's & Netto, Kreuzberg.


  1. Hi Dimitri!
    We had an awesome time at your Berlin show on Saturday! Thanks a bunch! Your artwork is just really really awesomely fun--I love it. And it's so motivating to see happy, talented young artists out there who are so easy to approach. Oh, and I hope you got to visit Spreewald today! Enjoy the rest of your time in brilliant Berlin!
    -Nozomi (Japanese girl with an American accent)
    ps. I draw cartoons too! But just for fun. :)

  2. Hi Nozomi !
    it was great to meet you nice people ! :) great you had a good time too.

    and I like your comics ! you are so productive ! absolutely keep that spirit up. I started doing my drawings for fun, and I'm still doing them for fun :). otherwise I wouldn't do it anymore. I just found a way to live from it

    Didn't get to Spreewald, though. I'm saving that for next time