Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Last weekend I made my first real graffiti mural in Gent at the "Spaak Graffiti Jam" together with 34 other cool artists like Sam Scarpulla, Resto, Topo, Ligone, Mark Goss, Oli-B, Bue The Warrior,..
The main theme was bicycles. Here you see Superbikeman on a treadmill. Man, that was fun ! But I still have a lot to learn about spray cans..

Original picture by Mark Goss


  1. Spraypaint is an exceedingly difficult beast to tame, but you did really well! Or way better than I could at least...

  2. thanks so much ! it's also a switch from drawing on paper, comfy on a chair, barely using any muscles ( except for your back muscles you are wrecking by sitting the wrong way ) to climbing on an unstable ladder, almost falling all the time. love the more physical aspect, though. after a while my index finger had been pressing so long I just couldn't use it properly anymore, so I used my middle finger to spray to finish it. it was like I was giving the wall the finger the whole time :)