Thursday, February 7, 2013


I made three simple black and white animations for the launch of the SNOW ad campaign of KPN Telecom Group via creative agency FAMOUS and WHOKILLEDJOE. They offer a new package where you pay for the tv channels that you want to watch rather than paying for 200 ones you never use. That's what's shown in the animations. Rather something small and good, than big and unhandy. Really fun project that taught me a lot again.

Who Killed Joe - KPN SNOW HOND FR CLEAN from Whokilledjoe on Vimeo.

Who Killed Joe - KPN SNOW VIS NL CLEAN from Whokilledjoe on Vimeo.

Who Killed Joe - KPN SNOW FANFARE NL CLEAN from Whokilledjoe on Vimeo.

and find below some of the hundreds of wacky character design sketches I did. These are in a more loose brush style. The client wanted something more clean, so I went for the digital brush look in the end, but I wanna do an animation of my own in brush style some time.


  1. LOVE IT!!! Great ideas and character design! What did you use for the animation, after effects or flash? anyway so fun, I laugh so hard as the mermaid appeared, they're all fucking brilliant! Oh hey, and happy b-day!

    1. Hey man, thanks so much ! I did all the animation in Flash.