Tuesday, October 22, 2013


The slowest movie ever made. A staggering 14 hours of Scandinavian arthouse film beauty about the struggle of the couple Björn and Lila who slowly seem to lose touch with reality. After their marriage and buying the barn they always wanted a discussion about the interior design leads to an existential crisis. How did they get there ? Why did they get there ? Who are they ? Why do they live on a floating ball in space called earth ?

This experimental movie is definitely not for the mainstream viewer, but for the lovers of Scandinavian storytelling and sufferers of insomnia this is a must see. To find the perfect beautiful Swedish landscape setting the directors went to that place where people dump all their christmas trees every year.

Part of the Film Poster exhibition "The Jangton Brothers". A growing duo-show concept together with illustrator Anton van Steelandt about two mysterious Belgian directors that remained unknown through their career. For this first show we present a selection of giant film posters.

Exhibition running in Mekanik Strip, Antwerp till 2 november. Check it out and let us know what you think !

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