Sunday, September 6, 2015


Helped out my best friend Adil el Arbi. He’s a movie director and took part in a tv show. He had to perform a series of tasks and ask for help through social media. One of these tasks was to revamp a kindergarten classroom in a school in the C-Mine area of Beringen, Genk (Belgium). An old mining village with lots of Turkish, Polish and Italian flavor.

Volunteers transformed the classroom by building new walls, a big mirror and furniture. Pretty crazy. And I did a really fast mural to spice up the place, having slept only 3 hours. There was no time to repaint the green wall, so I tried to make it as fun as possible with doodles, silly characters and a reference to the mines. Met so many nice people. Unexpected adventures like these make life great.

C-Mine, Genk. I love old industrial stuff like this !

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